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Log in Register. Get in touch We're always available to help out, get in touch with us any time, or shoot us an email. Sign Up You have been successfully signed up. Appear before regulatory agencies related to licensing and game approvals and litigate on behalf of the casino industry. Are They Sinking? Welcome to CLG. Formulate and draft regulations and respond to proposed regulatory changes or legislative proposals. Read More. Kelly, 26 Wm. Contact Us Today! The gamble law group llc penny slot machines casino slots

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Gamble Law LLC handles employment law, business litigation and personal injury in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia Attorney with More Than 35 Years of. John B. Gamble, Jr. is the Founder and Principal of Gamble Law LLC, a full service litigation firm representing both businesses and individuals. Formerly a. When you need an experienced family or estate planning attorney in Charlotte, call Gamble Law Firm, PLLC at for a free phone consultation.

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